Paris Hilton Spotted in New Supercar in Beverly Hills

Paris'-New-Super-CarThe super-rich heir to the Hilton hotels is one girl who loves to ride in luxurious cars. Over the years her taste for new cars has matured and so has her collection. Paris Hilton for sure does not mind parting with huge chunks of money to get the best of the automobile world. Over the years the lady has been buying cars and for now she has a countless collection of luxury cars. It must be nice being a heiress to a hotel empire an the fortune that comes with it.



Just to remind you of some of them they include:

• Lexus LFA white

• Rolls-Royce ghost

• Ferrari carlifonia

• Mercedes SLR

• Pink Bentley

• And of course the new McLaren 650s-spider

These are just but a few of the four-wheelers owned by Paris, counting them all would take all day.

So, what about this new car, what is so specail about it? The thirty three-year old (accompanied of course by her pet-Chihuahua Peter Pan) was spotted in this bad ass car departing from a Beverly Hills dealership. It is believed that she paid a whopping $300,000 for the new McLaren 650s coupe. Having been first spotted in the dealership in January, Paris is said to have returned on 17th June 2014 to pick up this gorgeous new ride.

The duo (her and the pet) are said to have spent the rest of the day shopping at the Beverly Hills’ channel boutique. All afternoon it was all shopping and well… this is not a surprise. Paris owns well over a thousand pairs of shoes! Which of course she blames on her being a designer and a girl (“all girls love shoes!” she exclaims when asked).

For the fashion critics, here’s some news for you. Princess P looked absolutely gorgeous as she went to get her fancy new ride. She wore a blue printed wrap dress, great shoes to match and a pair of sunglasses. The fashion cop could absolutely not get her on this one.

So, what exactly is this bad ass car she acquired all about? Well, it is a classy sports car and very costly! But we are not complaining; she got the money and can spend it however she wants (no hard feelings). Well, the spider 650s automobile has a super engine (3.8-liter v8) which gives 25hp and 58lb-ft.some of the enhancements this car has include hybrid hypercar-like seats (one-piece carbon-fiber tub), larger air intakes, a proactive-chassis control system, alcantare-trim for the dashboard, tweaked suspension-spring rates, reduced drag co-efficient and Pirelli P zero-Corsa sticky tires. It is a magical car and definitely worth the price tag.

We all are happy for the 33-year old having this superb new ride. We however have not forgotten of her bad driving history and her run-ins with the law. In the past we have seen Paris drive terribly and wreck cars. She even spent a night at a jail for reckless driving. All we hope for is that she will maintain this one for a while longer and enjoy it. This is said with the consideration that this British bad ass car is one of the best sports cars in the market. But let us just wait and see what next with this extravagant young lady.

Branson’s Bungalow in Malindi Kenya

Branson-BungalowCelebrities enjoy life in the fast lane. It is always their joy and pleasure to live a much comfortable, luxurious and sophisticated lifestyle surrounded with a serene environment with beautiful homes, well decorated gardens and state of the art rides. There are thousands of celebrity’s homes that will always leave you enthralled. Some celebrities own homes in United States and far beyond the borders so as to accommodate oversees tours and relaxation away from their busy lives. A well known celebrity who bought a house outside the U.S is Richard Branson. The tycoon owner of Virgin Air has a passion for beautiful homes and enjoys a much comfortable life away from city noises.

After his trips to Kenya, Branson fell in love with the tropical climate and the warm reception from the African people and their culture. He was awarded the title Moran, a Maasai top award and a promotion of someone with the heart of a lion. The term means a qualified warrior who can make it and live comfortable in the jungle. Branson later bought a bungalow home in South Coast Kenya at an undisclosed amount. The beautiful home enthralls other foreign tourists attracting many to buy other homes in the posh estate. It is a big house designed with an Italian architectural design, located just along the hot sun beaches of the Kenyan South Coast, the home is an amazing combination of brains to captivate and mesmerize the wonderful nature of the tropical climate.

Though the Virgin Air president rarely spends in the beautiful home, it has been set aside for his trips in Africa, a nice stop over where he can always relax and enjoy the great climates and sometimes chilly weather in Africa. This is an indication of the extremes that celebs make to make their lives much more comfortable as they look forward to living a better life, luxurious and free from the ups and downs of their daily activities while in the U.S. Though we may not tell the value of the house, a look at other homes around his house can give us a rough figure of nothing less than, $14Million. It’s a home away from home adorned with beautiful and well decorated steel balustrades. Locals refer to the home as an amazing bungalow for a rich Mzungu(whiteman).

It is a home that has attracted the interest of many celebrities as they wish to own one. Italian billionaire Flavio Blatimore is reported to have had an interest at some point to buy this beautiful home. He owns a big bungalow in Malindi-Kenya. Celebrities always buy homes outside the U.S as a way of enjoying a unique environment and connecting with the culture of the locals to a whole different level. This is a nice investment as there is always much to do in the life of a celebrity; they focus on charity programs, career goals and busy schedules that sometimes it becomes so difficult to operate from one point. Owning a beautiful home far away is a solution to relax and avoid the public life from paparazzi and the media.

Celebrity Sighting Tao Downtown New York

Tao New YorkThere’s not usually a rush to excitement, except for paparazzi, to hear a celebrity is out and about. But celebrity sighting at nightclub Tao Downtown, in New York City, was an exception. Why? Because romance may be in the air. Olympic figure skater, Meryl Davis, was spotted with her co-star from Dancing With the Stars, Maksim Chmerkovskiy. It seems they are far from having their last dance. They stepped onto the dance floor and went most f the night. Could this be a budding romance in the making?

But what really makes this couple stand out is taste. Tao Downtown isn’t some L.A. Fast lane club with pulsing lights and drunken Hilton’s careening about making a spectacle of themselves. Tao Downtown is as classy as the couple we caught dancing there. It’s a subterranean, multi-floor establishment in the hear of Chelsea – well under it anyways. The whole place is set up like a fantastical underground Asian palace ala Raider’s of the Lost Ark.

It is far better known for first class dinning and rich, quiet ambiance than for hard partying celebrities. And truly, doesn’t the venue itself bring up more questions about Chmerkovskiy and Davis’ relationship than anything? If you want to jet set and be seen, New York is the place to do it. Ironically, Tao Underground isn’t. That;’s where a man goes to take a special lady about and give her his undivided attention.

All this comes at an exciting time too. Just weeks ago, talk was that Chmerkovskiy and J-Lo were perhaps dating. While both denied it and claimed they were just friends, we did end up seeing them together a lot. Rumor was perhaps Chmerkovskiy was avoiding committing after hearing all the gossip surrounding J-Lo’s last salacious affair with Casper Smart. And, admittedly, most readers can agree that it would be a valid point if that was keeping him away.

But it was also rumored if perhaps they were just wary of the media attention and being very private about their romance. Well, it was certainly possible. And its reasonable that they might wish to avoid the spotlight. But then, what do we make of the development with Davis and Chmerkovskiy? Perhaps there truly never was anything between J-Lo and Chmerkovskiy, as they’ve always contented. Or maybe they’re secret romance has come to a brief and silent ending and Chmerkovskiy has moved on.

Ah, but what if it is the most exciting of alternatives – if J-Lo and Chmerkovskiy were to be secretly together? And while Chmerkovskiy did pick a lovely place t take Davis too, it was also well off the neaten celebrity path. If that is the case, we might have the makings of a true Hollywood love triangle. Now, that would be a story. It makes one wonder if J-Lo can pull out some Solange style, close quarters elevator kung fu on poor Chmerkovskiy.

Well, we simply have to wait and see. Is Chmerkovskiy with J-Lo? Is he with Davis? Or is he the most salacious of all options – with them both and on borrowed time till J-Lo picks up this story in the media. We will simply have to wait and see. Though with a nod to true romance, we can always just hope Chmerkovskiy and Davis are truly falling in love and there is nothing else to report.